Colour: Blue+Melon
Fabric: Wool 50% / Acrylic 45% /Polyurethane 5%
Size: One Size (Au 8-14)
length: 56cm
Model: 168cm, S
Made in Korea

Magic Vertical Knit Cardigan

$250.00 Regular Price
$225.00Sale Price
Color: Blue+Melon
  • This cardigan has been spun as one complete knit (there are no seams joining together separate pieces), with a sturdy structure and firm feel, making it perfect for outer wear.
    It is a safe and proven fabric with a high wool content that is not prickly and has almost no lint.
    The process of complete garment knitting is difficult, however it has been achieved with advanced weaving technology on par with premium brands. 
    Wide vertical stripes promote an image of freshness and makes the wearer look slimmer.
    Unlike dark colours, this colour brightens the face in the most feminine way.
    It flaunts a cropped waist length and loose fitting sleeves to the hem which makes prettiest style.
    Matched with any type of pants or jumpsuit, your legs will look long and with your body enveloped in a large bodice, and forearms hidden in a wide silhouette, the result is a beautiful slim outline. 
    Completing the perfect look is the addition of transparent buttons with a metallic gold point.
    The collar can also be styled in a variety of ways depending on whether you lay it down or wear it upright.