-An Introduction to a Korean designer eyewear brand-


Secret Crown is an eyewear brand that pursues European sensibility and modern style.

Simple design and sensuous color

Our wish is to convey the joy that glasses and sunglasses can give in a variety of ways.

Secret Crown is constantly evolving through its diverse relationships with its customers.

We pursue our design philosophy for glasses and sunglasses,

We have pride in our high quality,

We are a brand that creates value for a reasonable price.

Eyewear with value,

Faithful to the basics and human-centered design!

With a comfortable and carefree style, timeless design, embodying culture and daily life.

This is the expression of Secret Crown’s identity.


We are so pleased to host the Australian debut of this brand at Icecream Market.

SECRET CROWN- Sunglasses 4

$260.00 Regular Price
$195.00Sale Price
  • With a special discount for the first launch, this is another healing item for spring!

    You can easily find photos of many celebrities wearing Secret Crown eyewear on Instagram,

    Take a look at the popular new products of 'Secret Crown' right away.

    With a sense of elegance and distinctive color, it is eyewear that can be worn by anyone regardless of age or gender.

    Did you know that at Icecream Market, we only select and introduce designs that are good for everyday wear and looks good in any outfit?

    **Frame Size: Wide-15cm  , length: 15cm  **

    **Lens Size:  Wide-5.8cm,  length: 5.5cm  **

    We select and show only best-selling products that are not affected by face shape and skin tone so you can make your purchase with confidence.

    It's a ‘Sally's Pick’ item that needs no questions or argument.

    So, shall we see the picture together?