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“Fashion eyewear made with ZEISS brand blue light blocking lenses that reach beyond the limits of possibility”

[PRE-ORDER]Fashion glasses with blue light blocking lenses(ZEISS)

  • ZEISS lenses are based on a new experience of seeing,

    They challenge the dynamic digital world every day, assisting the wearer to see everything in front of them clearly.

    Think about your own unique habits when using your eyes.

    During the recent lockdown period, many people have increased their use of devices such as TVs and iPads. This means there is an extended period of using your eyes.

    This is a first launch product introduced by our ice cream market!!

    An essential choice for our precious eyes,

    A pair of these fashion glasses, made with blue light blocking lenses from the ZEISS brand, you will appear stylish even on a busy morning with a no-makeup face.

    **Frame Size: Wide-14.5cm  , length: 14cm  **

    **Lens Size:  Wide-5.5cm,  length: 5.5cm  **

    A collaboration between stylish design and luxury lenses from ZEISS!!

    In the office, it provides high definition and comfort for your eye.

    While driving, it provides clarity minus the glare.

    It offers easy care lenses that are perfect as a daily use item in an optimal digital life.

    Comfortable eyewear for online or offline, anytime, anywhere.