We invite you to enjoy a healthy meal of whole grains made from organically farmed Korean produce.

There is a choice 4 flavours you can mix and match to you taste.

For those of us who were exhausted physically and mentally from the extended lockdown, it is an easy and convenient wholegrain powder shake that substitutes  as a balanced healthy meal. It is a delicious and nutritious Daebo Seonsik product that has a rich history of 30 years. This item is exclusively available at Ice Cream Market only. 

Take the opportunity try it out during our 5-day hot deal period with 20% discount.

(PRE-ORDER)Black Bean & Black Sesame

  • *Product Name: Black Bean & Black Sesame

    Black soybeans rich in glycitein, an anticancer substance, and black sesame seeds that keep the five organs healthy. 1:1 ratio of these two ingredients are good for preventing hair loss.