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100% Cotton, Regular thickness, Carded Yarn towel.


Manufactured with 100% natural cotton, this fabric is soft and silky, and will not irritate an adult's or even an infant's delicate complexion.

This 100% cotton towel with regular thickness is made exclusively for Ice Cream Market for our customers who prefer a thinner towel rather than the extra thick fabric.

(Pre-Order) (SET)3 Sheets-100% Cotton, Carded Yarn towel

  • (Pre-Order)100% Cotton, Carded Yarn towel- 3 Sheets (SET)

    This is a Combed Yarn towel with a heavy weight of 230g.

    1g of thread has been pulled out to 40m. The longer the length means the thinner the thickness of the thread, making it delicate and smooth.

    Made from soft cotton, Heritage TESS Premium Towel is soft and thick, made from high-quality materials that are used specifically by hotels.

    " Be confident is your choice! "

    Plush and thick with a weight of 230g, made of premium cotton, there is minimal dust and superior absorption.

    This quality item has been manufactured exclusively for Ice Cream Market.

    We promises a life that is Green, Clean, Safe & Stylish.



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    When the "Buy it Now" stock has sold out, this item will close to new orders.

    At this point, click on the "Preorder Item" and submit a your order .

    Pre-order items take 3 weeks, so please submit this order only if you agree to this extra delivery wait time.

    In the preorder, you have the option to specify your preferred colour choices for the towels. However, towels have a minimum order quantity order of  3 Sheets.

    You can order in sets of 3,  with your choice of colours.