Non-toxic Rohs certified


Adding more elegance and luxury, ‘With Plate Heritage’ makes your space even more valuable.


This is a multi-purpose silicone product that can support spoons, knives, chopsticks and forks, cups, wine glasses, diffusers, etc with easy elegance.


Incorporating the classical ancient Greek style temples and columns, the design exudes a delicate luxury that adds value to your space.


O’homage WITH PLATE SILICON MAT _ Heritage

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  • O’homage WITH PLATE SILICON MAT _ Heritage

    Non-toxic Rohs certified 

    Vivian Silicone Mat is a high-quality product that adds elegance to the plating of your dining table.

    Combined with beautiful tableware, a luxurious dining table setting can be achieved.

    With a generous 115X260mm size, it can be used as a multipurpose mat for placing cutlery, cup holders, bathroom necessities, and kitchen utensils for cooking.

    O’homage WITH PLATE SILICON MAT _ Heritage is a mix-and-match silicone mat that will add to the elegance of noble tableware.

    It is designed with an elegant French-style chain pattern and being made of 100% silicone, it is easy to clean and safe to use even for infants.

    We would like to introduce another new MALLOWSPACE product available at IceCreaMarket.

    Part of the O'homage series, we present ‘The SILICON TABLE MAT’.

    MALLOWSPACE produces each product with sincerity.

    **This product is made of a safe material that has been certified as non-toxic silicone.

    Please use it with peace of mind!