O’homage SILICON MAT _Du:Kue  that nontoxic, heat resistant, cold resistant and outdoor weather resistant. It is easy to clean and safe against hot pans because of the advantages silicone.

O’homage SILICON MAT _Du:Kue

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  • O’homage  SILICON MAT _Du:Kue

    Non-toxic Rohs certified 

    Du:Kue silicone mat helps you to achieve a sophisticated and classy plating.

    It’s special design adds aristocratic flair to the dining table, it uses patterns that symbolize nobility to create space and value.

    Made of 100% silicone, it is easy to clean and safe for infants to use.


    We would like to introduce another new MALLOWSPACE product available at IceCreaMarket.

    Part of the O'homage series, we present ‘The SILICON TABLE MAT’.

    MALLOWSPACE produces each product with sincerity.

    **This product is made of a safe material that has been certified as non-toxic silicone.

    Please use it with peace of mind!