<Ice Cream Market> A surprise open market event for spring

We are now entering a “with Covid era” where everyone from child to adult must to protect ourselves from various new strains of viruses. Even though we may feel sad and frustrated about keeping to the rules in our new lifestyle, for the safety of everyone, putting on a mask before going outside is a rule we should all follow diligently. Why not try this out together with your daily mask to refresh your mood with a healing springtime item.

Mask Accessory -Strap 20

  • A perfect accompaniment to your mask accessory

    We have prepared a mobile phone strap as an easy <Buy Now> product.

    Each item has been individually and uniquely designed and produced by jewellery designers. These are rare items that cannot be found anywhere else.

    Each model has been carefully designed and crafted with heart and soul for our Icecream Market patrons. The items presented in our springtime surprise open market boasts design and quality that is incomparable with products that have been mass produced in factories.

    To our Icecream customers who have successfully placed an order, we hope that you will enjoy using it everyday. 

    I hope your week is full of warm sunshine and the scent of spring.

    **No additional production**