Silicone base place mat that nontoxic, heat resistant, cold resistant and outdoor weather resistant. It is easy to clean and safe against hot pans because of the advantages silicone.

O'HOMAGE Silicon Base Place Mat French 35cm

  • O'HOMAGE Silicon Base Place Mat 23

    O'HOMAGE French Series Base Mat is a mix’n’match Place Mat that will add classy difference to the noble Tableware.

    Each silicon place mat is nontoxic, heat resistant, cold resistant, weather resistant, hot water resistant, and easily to wash with running water. Its non-slip function means you can place a hot pot on top with confidence.

    Detailed French line design in various colors exudes a luxurious and classy feel. Place mats can be used in various functions such as table mats, beneath flowerpot mats, tea coasters, and heat mats for pots and pans.